On the evening of the 2nd of July 2022, more than 300 peaks will be lit simultaneously throughout the Pyrenees, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, thus forming the so-called ‘Pyrenean Way’. From each illuminated peak one will be able to see the light of the next, on both sides.


The peaks included in the green category –or accessible peaks– are characterized by not having overall difficulty, both in terms of access, the duration of the ascent and the descent, the route’s features, or its elevation gain. These peaks are, in principle, accessible to most hikers. Still, they are not without risks, especially considering that part of the activity will take place at night. Therefore, people who wish to participate must register, and thus have accident and rescue insurance.

The largest number of participants on the Pyrenees Way will be concentrated on these accessible peaks, but overcrowding will be avoided, and special attention will be paid to the environment, both inside and outside nature parks.


Some of the peaks that are intended to be illuminated on July 2, 2022, will have restricted access. They are considered only suitable for highly experienced climbers and participants will be selected directly by the organization. Given the difficulty of these mountains and the conditions of darkness, the challenge will only be taken on by small groups of expert climbers. Interested groups should contact the organization.


The registration period will open in the spring and will be announced in advance. The registration price will include accident and rescue insurance. In the case of participants with a valid mountaineering federation license, a discount will be applied.